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Heirloom Tomato Plants

We are now offering heirloom tomato plants for sale online.  These wonderful will make a great addition to any home garden!

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Brandywine Pink Tomato Plants
- These wonderful heirloom tomato plants are amust have for every garden. Dating back to the 1880's, this potato leaf plants produces large pink tomatoes that are usually over a pound. The rich flavored tomato is widely considered one of the best tasting tomatoes of all time.

Brandywine Yellow Tomato PlantsThese plants produce large orange yellow fruit with flavor similar to Brandywine Pink.

Aunt Ruby's Green German Tomato Plants- These heirloom tomato plants produce fruit that ripens green. Yellow stripes will appear on the bottom when the tomatoes are ripe. They are large with excellent flavor.

Cherokee Puprle Tomato Plants
-The heirloom tomato plants produce beautiful medium large tomatoes. The tomatoes are pink/purple with an excellent old fashion tomato taste

Planting and Care Tips
  • Once you receive the plants take them out of the package as soon as possible and get them sun light and water. (warning frost will kill the plants)
  • Before planting place the potted tomato plants outside on a few warm calm days.  The tomato plants are started in a greenhouse and need to acclimate to wind before they are left out on windy days
  • Prepare the ground by weeding, tilling, adding fertilizer, mulching and if possible creating a raised bed
  • If the weather will be good (warm, sunny days with low winds) for a couple days, plant the tomatoes being sure to cover all the roots and potting soil from the root ball.  Be sure to water after planting
  • Fertilize regularly, about every three weeks or as need to keep the plants a dark green shade.  Tomato plants require a lot of water but, avoid over watering and allow ground to dry in between watering.  Plants that are constantly wet are prone to disease.
  • Drive a stake between 4 and 6 feet tall in to the ground, next to the pant.  Tie the stem to the stake every 8 to 12 inches.
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